Twelve O’Clock Talk: Boooks!

TwelveoclocktalkI’ve long wanted to do a discussion type post, so welcome to my new feature!  I’ll be discussing topics brought up by the books I’m reading, general bookish rants, and like today, things I buy because I’m such a huge book nerd.

I live in Virginia, which for whatever reason has a huge number of vanity plates.  It is impossible not to see at least one vanity plate if you’re out driving around, even if you’re just going on a midnight run to 7-11 for some caffeine so that you can stay up late finishing your latest page-turner.   A very popular type of vanity plate to get around here (at least in the city I live in) is to get your and your partner’s initials on a plate (the Hubs has our initials on his license plate).

I suspect the reason that there’s so many vanity plates in this state is just because it’s easy to order, and fairly cheap (about $25 extra a year).  When we lived in Oklahoma, the process was a pain in the butt, and you had to mail in the form with your top 6 choices and then just wait to see which one you got… sometime, eventually, in the future.  Here in VA, you do everything online and know instantly if a plate is already taken.  I’ve been wanting to get a bookish vanity plate for awhile, so I finally ordered one last week.

I couldn’t get my first few choices (although I’m glad to know that there’s other people in the state that really love books and reading enough to drive around advertising it).  This is what I ended up with:


There are not a lot of labels that I freely embrace in regards to myself, but book worm is one I’m happy to claim!

What are your thoughts on vanity plates?  Love them, hate them, somewhere in between?  I personally don’t like ones I can’t easily figure out, but I enjoy the challenge.  If you could have the vanity plate of your choice (assuming no one else has it in your state) what would it be?


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    Poor hubby. He’s so romantic, and all you can think about is B000KS! 😉
    I suppose I’d like a vanity plate if I could have one, since I love all things unique. On the other hand, it makes your car easier to be spotted if one is stalking you for any reason, or simply plotting to decorate your veicle with a nice scrape because they hate you! LOL
    I suppose there are rules for coming up with a legitimate vanity plate?

    And yippie! for your first feature…I know it’ll make for lots of fun! :)
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      There are some rules. You can’t have anything vulgar (unless they don’t catch it!), and you’re limited to a certain number of letters and numbers.

      As for the stalking thing, I think anyone crazy enough to try and stalk me had better be prepared because I can out crazy most people just by acting my normal self!

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      lol, I almost got a plate that already had a heart on it for some cause, but I really like the Virginians For the Arts plate. I toyed with spelling Books with a number 8, but the VA 8’s aren’t Bish enough. 😉 Love your plate!!!

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    Aw, how fun! I’d totally announce my book love with pride. I don’t know what I’d want…something with books or maybe even harry potter related, if it wasn’t too obvious. It would be cool to use one of the spells or something.

    And yay for the new feature! I have a title for a discussion post too; just need to start posting some in the new month.
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      I have thought about getting a plate that said Muggle or Squib on it. If Muggles was already taken, you could always use 6 in place of a g. 😉