In Bed With Breathe, Annie, Breathe



Welcome to my new blog hop/meme In Bed With a Book! Why limit ourselves to just Sundays anymore? Stop by anytime during the week to share what book is in your bed, and be sure to hop to other blog participant’s sites as well. I’ll post a new link each Sunday, but you can add your post any day of the week.

This morning I’m reading:

InBedWithBreatheAnnieBreatheBreathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

Here’s the deal about BEA, there will always be more authors and books you want signing or dropping at the same time than you can possible manage to get to.  I know, first world problems, but it does cause massive book worm panic when two favorite authors are appearing at the same time on opposite sides of the venue.  I’ve met Miranda Kenneally before, and she’s just awesome.  She’s laid back, super intelligent, and easy to talk to- which is a pretty great combination that you don’t see often.  But she was signing Breathe, Annie, Breathe at the same time that another favorite author, Chelsea Cain, was signing.  I knew my chances of seeing Cain ever again were a lot slimmer, since Kenneally lives close to me.  So I went to Cain’s signing and then to another author that my friend Kim wanted, while Kim went to Kenneally.  We figured we would share the books if we had to.

Now, Kim and I are very good when we attend BEA.  We don’t go all hungry-hungry-hippo on the arcs, grabbing multiples of them at a time.  But Kim knew how much I wanted this book, not because I wasn’t going to buy it anyway but simply because I was excited that Kenneally and this book were both going to be at BEA.  So after she got her signed copy, she asked the publisher if she could get back in line for me.  And not only were the publisher and Kenneally cool with it, they also gave her an extra heart shaped tin of jelly belly beans that Kenneally had made for the event.  I was so happy and surprised, and it’s one of those bookish stories that Kim and I will reminisce about for years to come (because we’re nerdy like that!).

I’ve read all of Miranda Kenneally’s books up until this point, so I’m looking forward to reading about Annie and maybe getting some glimpses of past characters (her books are all companions, you don’t need to read the others to understand the books, but it makes it a special treat when they pop up in other novels). Also, the Hubs and I can now eat the jelly belly beans, since I wouldn’t let any be eaten before taking this picture. 😉

Not sure how much I’ll get done today.  I have movie plans with my friend, Katie.  We’re going to see Channing Tatum.  Well, 22 Jump Street, but I’m there for Tatum.  😉 And I still have enough housework to do that if I look it straight in the eye I start shaking with anxiety.

What are you reading (or wish you had time to read) in bed this week? Are you reading the book you thought you’d be reading, or has today found you with a surprise? Link up below! I’m going to try running this more like a blog hop, so feel free to add the link in your meme posts!


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      I know, if I could sew, I would totally make her a cape.

      It was a super fun movie, but I think I was also in the mood to laugh with a good friend… and look at Channing Tatum. 😉

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      I always love a little swag to go with my books, especially if I go to a book signing. It really adds to the whole author meeting experience. 😉