Write-a-Thon Is a Go!

sit down and write button 2

I love the idea behind Stories Inside’s  Thon- because you can write whatever you want.  Behind on reviews?  Write em!  Want to make some progress on the novel? Write it!  Want to fill the book blogosphere up with meaningful comments?  Do it!

Starting Monday, I plan on catching up on ALL my reviews.  And comments- because I need to comment more.

And maybe work on my novel.

I made a comment about the fact that my fiction writing muscles have atrophied and that it’ll be painful to start again.  It will be.  But sometimes you have stories to tell, and the skill to tell them isn’t usually just magically gifted (although if you have the power to magically gift me the skills of flawless writing, then please do so!).  I just feel like a lot signs have been popping up, reminding me not to give up on my dream of finishing one complete novel.  Even if it’s only destined to sit in a big binder like the screenplay I wrote for Script Frenzy is. 😉

I hope you all join in!  We can share band-aids for our fingers and those donut pillows for our asses as we type our way to success!



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      Moving is definitely hectic, so I hope you are successful in all your blog scheduling so you have one less worry! I always pack books up first, and then unpack them first. Packing them up makes the reality of the move more urgent, and unpacking them makes me feel like I’m truly home. 😉

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      I’m always behind too! But I’m thankful I read a lot faster than I review, because then I’d be panicking if I had nothing to post about!

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      Well, of course I have the publishing fantasy! Also the one where Stephen King offers to co-write books with me because he finds my imagination and humor charming. 😉